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To get off the shade off the mold, we would need a temperature of

approximately 150° - 180° F, where the beeswax doesn´t stick any longer.

A few light bulbs of 100W each will do that job perfectly.

As the area around the bulbs gets very hot, the table was covered

with some aluminium foil from Gudruns kitchen.


checking function of the lights.


I put the mold over the lights.

Switched on .


Gudrun is testing the temperature 5 minutes later.


When the lamp starts getting warmer, Gudrun starts cleaning the surface with turpentine.


I prepared a base from the store on the light table, which is allready cleaned up .

(now you can see the construction of the lights under the clear glass of the table)

15 minutes later the mold is that hot,  I could tuch it with small towels  only.

The wax doesn´t stick any longer and I could start removing the shade from the mold.

....fixing the mold down on the table with my left hand (with towel, too!)

I lift the shade with my right hand.


a few seconds later it is done.


There is wax left on the mold, but

it´s easy to remove with some sheets of paper

(WISCH & WEG,  from Gudrun´s kitchen, too.)

When finished, the mold looks like new.

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