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Beginning with drawing green on the glass.

My wife starts separating and cutting the Glass.


I put the glass on the lighttable and start drawing, using the WINDOWS-

PATTERN  Gudrun had  finished for that job two weeks ago. (see above)

The WINDOWS - PATTERN is a sheet of  transparent film, in which Gudrun cut

 windows of the pattern sheets I want to draw on the glass. It seems to be

 a lot of work, but it takes  approx. 10-15 min. only for Gudrun to cut this film

you see here. Using this kind of pattern saves a lot more of time, than it

takes to cut it. (There are no more the small pices, which can get lost......)


Peter's cutting place

Bad  Luck


GUDRUN  DID  NOT  LAUGH  ABOUT  THAT.............................

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