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Starting in the morning at 9:30 I had to do some preparationes before

heating up the irons.


The fan was put into correct position.


Flux had to be filled in.

Gudrun said: ´give you a new brush, impossible to showIing the old one on the net.....

The 2 Ersa Irons I use since 1994.  Their  power is electronic controlled,

the tool itself is as light as a "pencil", but enables me to work with it like a 150W  iron.

I use two of them, because my speed of working sometimes is faster than one tool allows.

Before starting soldering I cleaned the ring with steel wool.

The ring is cleaned up, and in right position. Before I put it back to the mold,

I made shure, that the area of the mold where it rests was perfectly clean, too.

For soldering the ring I take my 250 Watts Ersa Iron, it´s very heavy and I use it

for that job only.

There were some customers in our glass store, so finally I could start soldering at 13:10

beginning with fixing the ring.  (250W). The mold is still on the table at that moment,

I put it on a wooden plate with a rotary plate underneath. That makes it easy

for  me soldering without running around the table....

That´s what the ring area looked like, when I finished this job.


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