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The ceiling of the Studio with the chain for hanging the mold when soldering.



For soldering the rest of the shade I put it on the chain.

It is fixed in the ceiling above my working place.



The edge of the mold rests on my knees, that enables me working faster,

because I can move the shade with my legs as I like. The angle can be changed by

changing the length of my chain.

Starting that job I felt like infront of a large mountain of work...


but as I have both of my hands and knees free for working, I could go on  rather quick.




Closing the joints of a small area first, I finish soldering completely,

during this area is stll hot. Finishing later would take much more time.

Soldering systematicly saves a lot of  time:





Time used for soldering that flower: app.1 Min.

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